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Monday, June 10, 2019

Exciting Facts about Dentistry

The normal woman smiles around sixty two times a day. The normal man smiles about eight times a day.

Kids laugh approximately four hundred times a day, adults just fifteen times a day.

In case you are right handed, you will grind your food on your right side and the vice versa is also true if you are left handed.

The typical person merely brushes for forty five to seventy seconds a day, the suggested amount of time is two-three minutes.

In case you don’t floss, you neglect cleaning forty percent of your tooth surfaces. Ensure you brush and floss two times a day!

Just similar to finger prints, tooth prints are exclusive to each individual.

Similar to fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is singular

More than three hundred types of bacteria construct up dental plaque.

Giraffes merely have bottom teeth.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Simple Ways to Maintain Your Dental Hygiene

Teeth cleaning make you fresh after your visit to your dentist. A first class dental hygiene may be a reason to feel good about you. Hence, a board certified dentist is your friend, who not only bestows you with a sparkling smile but also imparts you feel-good factor about yourself. Nevertheless, it is suggested to you to look after your dental health in between your regular visits to a dentist. The admired teeth specialist of Gurugram, Dr. Suresh Ahlawat shares a few valuable tips to take care your pearly teeth set:-   

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1. Avoid Ditch Soda:
In case you drink soda on a regular basis, your habit is perhaps wreaking havoc on your teeth. The components that make soda fizzy are phosphoric acid plus citric acid. They have been revealed to eat away at your enamel, making you more vulnerable to cavities. Hence, it is better to stay away from soda and stick to some substitutes.

2. Bring down Sugar:
Besides cutting back on soda, reducing your sugar ingestion will also help maintain your teeth clean as well as healthy in between regular teeth cleaning arrangements.

3. Employ Proper Brushing Technique:
Number of brushing is not going to help you, in case you don’t brush properly. It is advised to you to hold the brush at a forty five degree angle. Further, you ought to use short, circular motions by way of the head of the brush to be pointed towards your gum line. 

4. Floss:
Flossing facilitates you get places you cannot reach by means of a toothbrush clean, guiding to healthier teeth as well as gums. The way, proper brushing is only going to help you. In the same way, proper technique of flossing will only be able to produce effective results.

In order to reap maximum benefits of flossing, you should at first wrap about 2 inches of floss between your fingers plus unroll a fresh section for every tooth. Hold the floss firm against the tooth to fragment plaque without injuring your gums. Also, ensure to floss at the back of the last molar in your mouth to guarantee a thorough clean.

5. Quit Smoking:
Smoking is appalling for your teeth. To be honest, no matter how clean they get while you visit the dentist, carrying on smoking in between appointments will unwrap all the work that happened at your last appointment.

The nicotine in addition to tar found in cigarettes erode at your gums. Smoking also augments bacterial production along with plaque in the mouth, making you more prone to gum disease as well as tooth decay.

Can you skip your dentist by sticking to above mentioned guidelines?
The answer is simply no. Since, habitual cleanings from a dental hygienist will assist you keep your oral wellbeing in check and make you vigilant about the potential issues sooner. Just remember, the sooner your dentist diagnoses an issue, the less hurting it will be to fix it.

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